22 October, 2015 - 22 October, 2015

HL7 WGM Atlanta Oct 2015 - Members update


Trish Williams (HL7 Australia Chair and Co-Chair of the HL7 International Security WG), Heather Grain (HL7 Australia Board member,  Co-Chair of the HL7 Terminology Authority (HTA) and the Vocabulary WG) and Grahame Grieve (Co-Chair of Modelling and Methodology (MnM) and FHIR Chief) will present on what’s hot in the world of HL7 International. Grahame will not only focus on what’s new in FHIR DSTU2 but also current/future developments in HL7 V2, respectively HL7’s newest and oldest products.


This is an HL7 Australia Member only event. It will be recorded and made available on the new HL7 Australia web site coming to you shortly.

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