Reuben is an information technology expert with almost two decades of commercial experience in software design, development, and deployment. His areas of expertise include facilitation, architecture, strategy, and implementation. Currently, he is the principal consultant of Saludax, a company that provides health informatics professional services.

Reuben’s vision is for HL7 Australia to provide a collaborative environment which simplifies the development, adoption, and implementation of healthcare solutions based on national and international standards. In support of this vision, he hopes to serve on the Board so as to foster strong and productive relationships with the vendor community, government agencies, and other national and international standards development organisations.

As a former employee of the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), from 2010 to 2016, Reuben has made a significant contribution to the development and adoption of national solutions, most recently in his capacity as lead architect. These solutions include CDA-based clinical document exchange, the My Health Record system, the National Prescription and Dispense Repository (NPDR), and the National Clinical Terminology Service (NCTS). He has also supported many vendor organisations and jurisdictional health departments in their implementation and adoption projects. In addition, he has authored or co-authored various technical specifications based on HL7 standards, including V2, CDA, and FHIR.

Reuben has been a member of HL7 since 2010, and he is a certified HL7 CDA Specialist. He has attended many HL7 events, and is an active contributor in the Vocabulary work group, as well as the FHIR project. In HL7 Australia, he contributes to ongoing FHIR localisation efforts, and was a member of the HL7 Implementation Guidance and Roadmaps project team. He is also a member of the Modelling Advisory Group in the IHTSDO, where he currently participates in joint HL7/IHTSDO efforts towards better collaboration in the use of SNOMED CT with FHIR.

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