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Posted by Vince McCauley. 15 October, 2015.

Dear HL7 Members,

The new HL7 Australia web site is taking a little longer to come on-line than the Board had hoped – expect an announcement in the next few weeks. As we have many new members and some members appear to have missed previous communications, I thought in the meantime I should consolidate the key documents into a single email for easy reference. These include the HL7 Australia One Page Plan for 2014-15 which has been guiding Board activity since the last AGM and the associated HL7 Australia Strategic Education Plan. Many of the presentations from the year’s education events are also available on the HL7 Australia wiki at http://hl7-australia.wikispaces.com/

It is worth clarifying that in these documents the year 2014-15 may refer to a membership year (1 Jul 2014 – 30 Jun 2015) or a Board year (Nov 2014 – Nov 2015) depending on context.

In the last email to members, I indicated the Board would be publishing a clarification document re HL7 IP in the near future. However, this has been deferred to allow input from the HL7 International Board and the HL7 Affiliates International Council with respect to some key definitions around Implementation Guides and Localisation which had been developed in consultation with NeHTA. Trish Williams presented on this at the HL7 WGM last week in Atlanta and formal feedback is expected to be available in early November. In the meantime, I would refer interested members to the recently updated HL7 Governance and Operations Manual (GOM) at http://www.hl7.org/permalink/?GOM and in particular section 16 on HL7 Copyright and Trademarks. For comparison, the previous GOM version with revision marks is available at  http://www.hl7.org/permalink/?GOMMarkup. This may be particularly relevant in the context of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

  •         FHIR development and localisation continues with the finalization of FHIR DSTU2. Please contact Brett Esler (brett.esler@oridashi.com.au) if you wish to join the Australian localisation effort.
  •         Work has commenced on an HL7 Australia Pathology messaging standard. This is currently in early draft form prepared by Paul Frosdick. The HL7 Board has approved the RCPA PITUS Committee to ready the draft for initial public comment. Additional HL7 Australia members who would like to be part of that process should contact Board member Michael Legg  (michael.legg@mlanda.com.au) who is also Chair of the PITUS Committee. It is intended that the document will be put through a complete public comment and ballot cycle once the HL7 Australia Standards Development practices have been finalised.
  •         The Board has developed a draft governance proposal for HL7 Australia Standards Development Practices based on HL7 International processes which is attached for comment by members. Please provide comments to Paul Frosdick (paul.frosdick@consultcolibri.com). It is intended for this to be formally adopted following approval at the November AGM.
  •         HL7® FHIR® - It appears that the FHIR® capability of the Orion Rhapsody integration engine may have been one of the key elements in Orion’s recent success in winning a significant part of a US4.3 billion contract with the USA Veteran’s Administration (VA) to provide integration facilities for external clients with the new military EHR. See Pulse magazine article at:


The VA has been trialling HL7® FHIR® for internal product development for more than a year.

HL7® FHIR® is definitely a standard to consider for commercial implementation – it has been adopted by Telstra Health for its telehealth service and there are rumours that a FHIR® based interface to the PCEHR is under development

  • ·        An HL7 Australia FHIR® Server and HL7 Australia Terminology Server is currently in the testing stage – further information in the near future

Upcoming dates for your diary:

-        Feedback webinar to HL7 Australia members from the HL7 WGM attendees in Atlanta - Thursday Oct 22 at 9am – further details to be provided early next week

-        HL7 Education Day and AGM – Thursday 19th Nov. AGM commences at 5pm. Venue and Education day agenda to be confirmed.

-        Inaugural HL7 Education meeting in Western Australia – ECU Perth campus, Thursday  Dec 3. Theme “HL7, Medical Devices, Security and Interoperability”. International speaker - Todd Cooper Executive Vice-President of the USA Centre for Medical Interoperability (center4mi.org), Co-chair of the HL7 International Health Care Devices (HCD) and Health Standards Integration (HSI) Committees and Co-chair of ISO TC215 (eHealth) Joint Working Group 7 (JWG7) which focuses on eHealth Software Safety and networking Medical Devices.


Dr Vincent McCauley

Secretary, HL7 Australia


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