Introduction to FHIR Connecthathon


This connectathon will help anyone who is interested in FHIR with any degree technical knowledge (including non-developers) to get started in learning FHIR. Participants will be walked through sending, updating, and deleting FHIR resources on a server, followed by an introduction to searching for resources as well as understanding how resources can reference each other in FHIR.

In addition, new FHIR developers will be supported to develop their own FHIR clients and servers once the initial tutorial material has been covered.  They can do this through one of the developer libraries (see the Reference Implementation links at or from scratch using their own development environment.  The Patient Track material at from the last HL7 International Connectathon provides helpful materials and examples.


Developers -

What to Bring:



Brett Esler (

Angus Millar (

Vadim Peretokin (

Peter Jordan (


You can register today here - entry includes access to the 3 day WGM, cocktail networking drinks on the first day and networking dinner on the second day.  Morning team, lunch and afternoon tea also included for the 3 days.

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